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Flowing with what we can't control

These are challenging times. Uncertainty and anxiety seem to have taken over our world, and all we knew is being called into question. Amid the chaos, I would like you to remember that you are not helpless. We can not control what will unfold in the world, but we can take control of our light, our mindset, and therefore our actions. History has proven over and over again that actions motivated by fear only create more chaos and hurt. There is no balance to be found in relentless fear, and without balance, there is no joy, no peace, and no health.

I know you are scared, I am too, but let's all take a deep breath together and look for the light instead of succumbing to the darkness. We need to vibrate at a high frequency if we want to impact positive change. Actions lead by love, kindness, respect, and trust are the kind of actions that will get us through the storm.

We can shift to a more productive mindset, and it starts with the love you are willing to see and foster in yourself. Let's step away from social media for a second and work on ourselves.

Here are some simple tools that can have a powerful effect on how you experience this crisis.

1.Practice gratitude. What things are you grateful for? There is so much to be grateful for, even at this time. Make an effort to see those things and say thank you every day.

2. Focus on the good. Keep in mind those things you are grateful for and think of the ways you can keep those things in your life.

3. Do not overload on information. It is essential to stay informed but know to draw the line at the info that only brings you stress and fear. Do not buy into the hype, do not get sucked into pointless arguments, select reliable sources of information, and stick to those.

4. Let go of the judgment. You can not control the actions of others; you can not control the way they feel or the way they speak. Passing constant judgment of others or self serves no purpose other than to aggravate you and pull you away from peace. This road only leads to more fear and division. Focus on you, on your motivations, on your actions, and place your trust there.

5. Allow feelings. Suppressing your emotions will create turmoil that will destroy the balance in your life. If you are sad, cry. If you are angry, let it rip. If you are scared, try to look at that fear so you can understand it and minimize its power over you. And if you can find joy and gratitude, by all means, shout it from the mountain top. Feel your feels, just remember to let them go when they no longer serve you.

6. Open your heart. Beauty can come from loss and pain. It might be difficult to see now, but this is an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand, take it. Meditate on what you are learning, go back to step 1, and be grateful for the lessons.

I want to share with you this excerpt from my book Radiant Mommy and wish you love, health, peace, and light.

" It is important to understand that balance does not mean that nothing ever moves or changes. Movement, adjustments, and change are part of creating balance. Imagine yourself standing in the ocean and feeling your body shift as the waves hit you. You are still standing but you are constantly adjusting. Sometimes the waves will be bigger and rougher; this is part of the experience of being in the ocean. But even then it is possible for you to remain standing and enjoy the ocean. Allowing movement while focusing on your center, being mindful, and paying attention to your body’s cues will keep you from being dragged by the waves. Balance is something we must practice and work with constantly. It requires commitment, but it is worth it because balance will always bring you back to health. Balance will grant you your best life, whatever that is."

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