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Confidence Feels like Infinite Possibilities

The other day I had an acupuncture session with the fabulous Amie Adams of @ommedicinemountain. Every session she asks me to focus on a word. She asked me what my word was today and it immediately popped out: “confidence”. She then asked me: “What does confidence feel like? Where do you feel it in your body?”

I drew a blank. I had never thought about it so for the next 40 minutes, needless in place I meditated on confidence. Here is what I learned:

Confidence feels like relaxation, like expansion, like openness and unlimited possibilities.

I feel confidence in the middle of my forehead, like a light that shines endless opportunities.

I feel it in my chest as it expands and pushes my shoulders back and away from my ears. I feel it as it aligns my spine and all falls into place.

Confidence grants me the gift of feeling like things happen effortlessly. 

I have not always felt confident or lived life effortlessly. Actually, the opposite was true for me. In my 20’s I struggled continuously, putting my worth in others. I wanted some one else to complete me. My confidence was outside of me. My body, my mind and spirit suffered for it. In my 30’s I struggled constantly trying to define myself, to prove myself, demanded perfection of myself yet I refused to truly care for myself. My confidence was poor and my health suffered.

It has been through a great deal of learning, being open, creating healthy habits and taking care of myself that I have been able to find confidence in myself. As a result, I am now able to connect with my body, listen to it and care for it accordingly. I made myself a priority and because of that everything else fell into place effortlessly.

Work, money, social engagements, relationships, and family are all important but they should not take your place at the top of your to-do list. You should be at the top of your list because in order for things to grow, improve and expand you must care for and align with the root, and the root is you. 

Your mindset, your health, your ability to connect and your confidence nurture everything else and everything else will happen effortlessly or not depending on where YOU are.

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