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My name is Ixiana, I am a mom of 3 boys, a proud Latina from PR, a stress reduction author, a photographer, a hopeless optimist, and a nutrition and wellness  specialist.  I have an MFA in Fine Arts Photography, an MFA in Holistic Nutrition and lots of experience in being a woman and a mom :)  I am deeply committed to elevating women in motherhood and beyond. I am here for you so feel free to reach out!



 I want to inspire you to connect deeply with yourself. My mission is to make you feel like the star you are so you are inspired to celebrate yourself and  create positive habits that will elevate your physical, mental and spiritual health while allowing more joy into your life.


We are not just mothers. We are individuals, we are a LOT of things so it is time to stop living under the limited belief that our persona revolves around motherhood. Every woman is deserving and capable of an elevated motherhood experience that translates to their lives as individuals. I want to see you glow!

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