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My name is Ixiana, I am a mom of 3, wellness author, and entrepreneur specializing in nutrition, stress reduction, and motherhood.

Just like you I sometimes feel lost and burned out; but over the years I have collected a few tools that help me reduce stress, increase joy and optimize my health. I created Radiant Mami to share these tools with my sisters in motherhood so we can be strong together! 

If you are ready to feel radiant check out my book Radiant Mommy and follow me on Instagram for tips and motivation, because honestly we all need each other to thrive.



Radiant Mommy is a 3 week program designed to help you identify and reduce stressors via simple diet and lifestyle adjustments 

My book 

"I loved how direct and understanding this book is. I always hear “you need to find ways to de-stress” but how?! The occasional bubble bath or mani/pedi just wasn’t cutting it. This book gives PRACTICAL and USABLE advice (and some science behind it) on how to identify stressors and address them, instead of just having the mantra of “you need to de-stress” thrown at you. Even after a week of using the Radiance Program I feel lighter and brighter. A great resource for inspiration and guidance towards radiant me!"

"I highly recommend this book to every mom out there. I really enjoyed reading this book because it covers a wide range of topics. It not only talks about the challenges of motherhood but it also talks about stress, nourishment, detoxification, self-love and above all mental well-being. I think while taking care of kids and work, moms often have a tendency to overlook their own needs and happiness. Even when we realize that we are stressed out, it’s hard to do anything about it because we lack the proper tools and knowledge. What I like the most about this book is that it has it all! Whether you want to work on self-love, mediation, building a positive mindset or just want to start eating healthy this book is for you!"

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